Table Groups / Classes

Tables are about taking a ‘believer in Jesus’ and moving them towards ‘looking more like Jesus'

Discipleship is not a destination, it’s a direction.

First Church Tables are about taking a ‘believer in Jesus’ and moving them towards ‘looking more and more like Jesus’.

First Church Tables is a place where your belief begins to become part of the DNA of who you are in your everyday life, always growing in the direction toward Jesus.

Your First Church Table will meet once each week for a few months, at the church or in someone’s home. You’ll talk through a book, scripture or just life. There are First Church Tables for adults in several stages in their life.

We also offer Academy Classes for those who prefer a classroom style learning environment.

Depending on the Table Group you choose, we offer Children's Programming for kids of all ages.

A great place to start

Starting Point

St. Joseph Campus - Date is TBD

Immediately following the 11 am service - Lunch and childcare provided

If you're new to First Church or you've been around awhile and never attended, Starting Point is for you. Starting Point is a one-hour class where you'll learn about what First Church believes, what we value and what we do. Once completed, you will be a voting member at First Church.

Adult Table Groups

House - Young Adult Table Group (25-35 years old)

Offsite location, Wednesday Evenings, 7pm - ongoing

In House we're looking for real friendship, genuine community, and (like everyone) a place to belong. We want to matter. We want to have a purpose. For us that purpose is found in Jesus and the path He's laid for us. Our group is generally between 25 - 35 years old (although no one checks IDs at the door).

The Ways of the Alongsider.

Benton Heights Campus, Sunday mornings, 9:30am-10:30am - Ongoing

Disciple-making can be intimidating. You might think that someone who makes disciples has to be a teacher, a missionary, or someone who is seminary trained. Would it surprise you to know that disciple-making is just a lifestyle in which you offer people love, comfort, and encouragement where they live, work, and play?

Despite our weaknesses and fears, Jesus invites us to participate in the Great Commission by helping people live for Christ in the here and now. All you have to do is live intentionally, love God, and journey alongside others―life to life.

The 6 'I Am' Statements of Jesus

St. Joseph Campus, Room 7-8, Sunday Mornings - 11:00am - Ongoing

Jesus said many things over the course of His three year ministry but some of the most important things came in statements surrounding who He was. Come explore these 6 vitally important statements of Jesus with us! 

Real Mom Life

Coming Fall 2019 - Women's Table Group

Real Mom Life is a biblically based curriculum that encourages mothers in their every day mom jobs. The series also provides perspective on some more specific parenting situations, such as raising strong-willed children, dealing with infertility, and addressing learning challenges. We recognize that being a mom can be exhausting and sometimes frustrating. In these lessons, we talk about being a mom in the real world!

Academy Classes

Bridges (Older Adult Class)

St. Joseph Campus Rooms 7-8, Sunday Mornings, 11:00am - Ongoing

This is a study focusing on the life of Jesus and His teaching. We will look at subjects like discipleship, ministry and the gospel. The application will come as we think about how the Lord is still working to transform us--leading us into deeper truth and helping you to become all that God has called you to be. 

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