Table Groups / Academy Classes

Tables are about taking a ‘believer in Jesus’ and moving them towards ‘looking more like Jesus'

Discipleship is not a destination, it’s a direction.

First Church Tables are about taking a ‘believer in Jesus’ and moving them towards ‘looking more and more like Jesus’.

First Church Tables is a place where your belief begins to become part of the DNA of who you are in your everyday life, always growing in the direction toward Jesus.

Your First Church Table will meet once each week for a few months, at the church or in someone’s home. You’ll talk through a book, scripture or just life. There are First Church Tables for adults in several stages in their life.

We also offer Academy Classes for those who prefer a classroom style learning environment.

Depending on the Table Group you choose, we offer Children's Programming for kids of all ages.

A great place to start

Starting Point

St. Joseph Campus - Sunday, January 27th

Immediately following the 11 am service - Lunch and childcare provided

If you're new to First Church or you've been around awhile and never attended, Starting Point is for you. Starting Point is a one-hour class where you'll learn about what First Church believes, what we value and what we do. Once completed, you will be a voting member at First Church.

Adult Table Groups

Parenting Through the Phases

St Joseph Campus, Room 2-3, October 7–November 11

Sunday Mornings 11am

You have about 936 weeks from the time your child is born until they graduate high school. It goes by fast, and kids change and grow quickly. This table group will help you discover how to parent your child through their phases of childhood, while connecting with other parents who are in the trenches with you! This is for parents of children any age, led by your family ministry pastors.

Married People Connect - Part 2

St. Joseph Campus, Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm–8:00pm - Starts November 7th

St. Joseph Campus, Sunday mornings, 9:30am - Starts November 11th

St. Joseph Campus, Sunday mornings, 11:00am - Starts November 11th

Les and Leslie Parrott video series

by Les and Leslie Parrott

Length - 4 session study (week off for Thanksgiving)

There will be four sessions that cover the following themes: Communication, Conflict and Finances followed by a panel discussion.

The Life of Samson (men's group)

St. Joseph Campus, Ongoing

Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm-8:00pm

A man of incredible physical strength and debilitating moral weakness, Samson was nevertheless God's instrument to rescue Israel from the Philistines during the era of the judges. In light of these contrasts, we are faed with this key question: What, exactly, are we to make of Samson and his place in the Lord's purposes? Explore this and many more questions on Christian living with other men through small group discussion.

The Life of Joseph

St. Joseph Campus Room 5, Starts October 21st

Sunday mornings, 11:00am

As we study the Life of Joseph we will venture through Genesis chapters 37-50 exploring Joseph’s life and his character as he faced hatred from his brothers, being sold into slavery, false accusations, imprisonment, and then rising to a position of national power. Joseph’s life is an example of courage, integrity, and of forgiveness and restoration that we will learn from and apply to our own lives. We will also see God’s guidance, protection, and sovereignty over Joseph and his family and the people of Israel. This is an exciting story revealing God’s character and attributes that will help to deepen your faith and dependence on him through Joseph’s life of trials and triumphs.This class consists of weekly questions for you to answer on your own at home along with lively interactive discussion in class. This class is open for all adults to attend.

The Book of Genesis (older adult Sunday School)

St. Joseph Campus Room 7-8, ongoing

Sunday mornings, 11:00am

Join us as we look at the very beginning! We will study when God created the world. Then, move on to the stories of Noah & Abraham as God destroys and gives new life. The final unit for the fall will look at the stories of Isaac & Jacob showing us that God continues to bless and recreate, regardless. This class is open to all older adults.

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