Spiritual Gifts test results

Spiritual Gifts Distinctives


  • Is similar to leadership but tends toward more organization and implementation.
  • Goal oriented in nature.
  • Does not get lost in details but instead stays on task.
  • Keeps track of information and can access the information for a project easily.
  • Has the ability to multitask without getting frustrated.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Info Hub Attendant, Coffee Attendant, Reception Desk Volunteer, Administration Volunteer (Youth Ministry, Community Food Network), Mailing Volunteer, Proofreader


  • Has a heart for missions in all forms.
  • Has an entrepreneurial spirit toward ministry.
  • Bold with their faith.
  • A unique focus on wanting everyone to know Jesus.
  • Tend to be pioneers of new ministries.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Mission Trips, Missions Town Hall


  • Is a naturally talented artist and creative.
  • Enjoys creating artistic expressions for the purpose of ministry.
  • Innovative in creating new ways to share the gospel message.
  • Creative in decorating.
  • Beautiful environments are inspiring to them.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Photographer/Videographer, Video Production, Graphic Designer, Vacation Bible School Set Designer, KidZone Large Group Teacher, YoungLives Committee Member


  • Enjoys creating with their hands.
  • Can build something from scratch.
  • Cooking, woodworking, repair work, and general construction with the aim of assisting ministries or others are examples of this gift.
  • Building things to aid other ministries is fulfilling.
  • Resourceful.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Vacation Bible School Set Designer, Facilities Volunteer, Online Campus Camera Operator


  • A strong desire to see people be like Jesus.
  • Uncanny ability to “read people” seeing their true intentions.
  • Heightened awareness of God’s presence in people or in circumstances.
  • Can tell the difference between good and evil.
  • Easily recognizes Inconsistencies in teaching, preaching, or in attitude.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Applies to all serving opportunities, Small Group Leader (Kids, Teens, Adult)

Disciple Maker

  • Loves people.
  • Has a strong desire to see others grow in their faith.
  • Pursues community in order to encourage others in their faith.
  • Strives to live according to scripture in order to be a good example.
  • Desires to stay connected to those far from God in order to draw them to Him.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Small Group Leader (Kids, Teens, Adult), Young Life Capernaum Leader (special needs youth), Young Life Mentor


  • A strong desire to uplift the spirits of others.
  • Heightened awareness of those that are discouraged and in need of encouragement.
  • Enjoys motivating others to grow spiritually.
  • Uses scripture to encourage others to live out their faith in practical ways.
  • Is able to bring hope to a seemingly hopeless situation.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Stephen Ministry, Card Care Ministry, Pastor Care Connection, Young Life Capernaum Leader (special needs youth), Young Life Mentor


  • Eagerly shares their faith with others.
  • Has a strong desire to see others know Jesus personally.
  • Can communicate effectively about faith matters in most situations.
  • They continually seek out relationship with those far from God to reach them for Christ.
  • Does not fear rejection when sharing their faith.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Young Life Capernaum Leader (special needs youth), Young Life Mentor, KidZone Large Group Leader.


  • Have a great sense of expectancy in their prayer life.
  • Trusts God in all circumstances.
  • Takes God at His Word and does not doubt that He will move.
  • Encouragement to others as they exhibit their confidence in Jesus during difficult times.
  • Can help others find hope in Jesus through their example of unbending faith.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Prayer Team, Pastoral Care Connection


  • Will seek out ways to help others with their resources.
  • Often adjust their lifestyle in order to give more to others.
  • Have a unique sense that all they have is from God so they hold loosely to “things”.
  • A cheerful giver.
  • See their resources (time, money, things, gifts) as tools to be used to share Jesus’ love.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Usher, Financially support First Church, Faith Promise, or New Heights, Endowment Board


  • Enjoys meeting new people.
  • Creates environments that make people feel welcome.
  • Has people in their home on a regular basis.
  • Sensitive to those who are lonely and works to help them feel connected.
  • Desires to see everyone at ease and included.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Greeter, Info Hub Attendant, White Glove Team, Parking Lot Team, Usher, Coffee Attendant, KidZone Check-In, Funeral Meals


  • Visionary in regards to ministry.
  • Enjoys rallying the troops to accomplish a goal that will glorify God.
  • Equipped to guide individuals through a crisis.
  • Others look to them when something needs to be accomplished.
  • Has the ability to see the future of an organization or a person and works to get there.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Applicable to all ministries, Lead Greeter, YoungLives Committee Member, Advisory Council, New Heights Board.


  • Sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Has a strong desire to see the hurting find healing.
  • Unique ability to consistently walk alongside someone who is in a difficult situation.
  • Good listeners.
  • Empathetic.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Stephen’s Ministry, Funeral Meal Team, Card Care Ministry, Pastoral Care Connection, Community Food Network Driver, Community Service Projects

Musical Worship

  • Feels they are pleasing God when they are playing an instrument, singing, etc…
  • Enjoys using their musical gifts in spiritual settings.
  • Music is a regular part of their faith walk.
  • Lyrics to songs are important to them and have great meaning.
  • Using their musical talents for ministry bring fulfillment.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Kids Ministry Worship Team, Vocalist, Orchestra, Choir, Audio Tech, Bass Guitarist, Keyboard Player


  • Care deeply about the spiritual well-being of others
  • The gospel is at the core of who they are and how they lead
  • Has great compassion for the well-being of a group of people they feel called to lead
  • Spiritual confidence to render care to a large group of people
  • Empathetic to the needs of the people they lead

Potential Serving Opportunities: KidZone Large Group Teacher, Stephen’s Ministry, Small Group Leader (Kids, Teens, Adults)


  • Has a strong desire to pray for the needs of others.
  • Often feels an overwhelming sense that prayer is needed on behalf of others.
  • Are frequently asked to pray for others.
  • Prays with expectant confidence.
  • Can recall supernatural answers to their prayers often.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Prayer Team, Stephen’s Ministry


  • Will respond to a need almost immediately even without being asked.
  • When they see something needs to be done they will do it.
  • Likes working behind the scenes rather than being in the spotlight.
  • Enjoys helping in practical ways.
  • Has an awareness of the needs around them.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Young Life Committee Member, Young Life Capernaum Leader (special needs), Computer Slides Tech, Audio Tech, Administration Support (youth ministry, Community Food Network), Reception Desk Volunteer, Community Service Projects, Community Cafe, Facility Volunteer, Mailing Volunteer, White Glove Team, Parking Lot Team, Usher, Coffee Attendant, Security Team


  • Enjoys the in-depth study of The Word of God.
  • Has the ability to understand a subject matter in such detail they can easily teach others.
  • They are able to share The Gospel easily with all people.
  • Can communicate information in a relevant way.
  • Enjoys the preparation as much as the sharing of information.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Small Group Leader (Kids, Teens, Adults), KidZone Large Group Teacher, Adult Class Teacher


  • They are often asked for their advice.
  • Can see the outcome of a decision before it happens.
  • Has the ability to guide someone with grace and discretion.
  • An overwhelming desire to help others see the truth.
  • A unique ability to apply scripture to any given situation.

Potential Serving Opportunities: Stephen’s Ministry, Small Group Leader (Kids, Teens, Adults)