Global Outreach

Explore the global organizations that receive support from First Church

Children of Promise

We impact children in 20 countries across the globe through Children of Promise sponsorships.  Children of Promise provides a future for children, offering education, nutrition, health, and spiritual nurture. CoP kids are able to better their lives, enjoy health and vitality, and establish an eternal relationship with God.  They become contributors in their community, and country, and for the Kingdom of God. 

Click here to find out how to sponsor a child.


A group from The Church of God serve as regional coordinators in Africa, working with missionaries and national leaders and assisting with ministry vision and strategy for specific countries in the region. They also help provide care to the eight other Church of God missionaries serving in Africa.

Malawi Evangelism and Pastoral Training: Funds for the church in Malawi enable pastors and church leaders to travel, plant new churches, and purchase Bibles and literature that edifies the believers. Through this project pastors are also given solid biblical training.


India Gospel League is an indigenous, Bible-centered ministry born and operated in the heart of India. Millions across South Asia still need to hear the Good News about Jesus, and millions more need practical blessings like education, medical care, and economic opportunity. All of their ministries are built to be self-sustaining.

More than 90,000 village churches have been planted by IGL in the past 25 years, and from these, hope is shining out to a world darkened by desperate poverty and ancient idolatry. From a small mission in South India, IGL has grown to become an international mission; sharing the gospel, serving with compassionate care, and seeing God at work.

Europe and the Middle East

Our regional coordinators for all of Europe and the Middle East are Nate and Stacy Tatman.  They are moving to Madrid, Spain, in June of 2020, where they will begin the challenging task of leading a great group of missionaries and pastors who work throughout these large diverse regions.  We are excited to be able to have an impact on so many leaders through our support of the Tatmans. 


Heart for Lebanon is a faith-based holistic ministry bringing dignity to the marginalized and rejected communities in Lebanon, including Syrian and Iraqi refugees living in Beirut, the Bekaa Valley, and Southern Lebanon, as well as the Bedouin, Gypsy, Turkmen and the poorer Lebanese communities residing throughout the country.

We take a group to Lebanon annually, to experience first hand the impact Heart for Lebanon is making.  The next trip is planned for May 2-9, 2020.  For more information about this impact trip, email [email protected]

South and Central America

Our regional coordinators for all of Central and South America are Jason and Abby Torgeson. They live in Costa Rica, but the impact of their work is felt all through the region. Through Jason and Abby, our reach is extended to hundreds of missionaries and ministries through out all of Central and South America.

Jason and Abby host groups on work projects and impact trips often. Our youth group is planning a trip to Costa Rica in 2021.  We send teams to Paraguay about every two years. See the next section for more on Paraguay.


Church construction: Over the past 10 years First Church has been investing in the Paraguayan Church of God by helping build over five church buildings. These buildings have allowed the local church to grow, and in effect helping reach more people for Christ.

Pastoral training: Paraguay is looking to raise up the next generation of pastoral leaders. This project is designed to train new pastors and church works for the Church of God in Paraguay. Students will spend three years at the Church of God Bible Training School in Posadas, Argentina. Funds help with tuition, room, and board and supplement what local churches already provide.


Helping Hands In Motion: is a support ministry that was born out of a burning desire to empower missionaries. We have found that national and international missionaries need resources to effectively ministry where God has called them. We’ve discovered the fact that many missionaries spend numerous hours trying to get resources and supplies, which prohibit them from actually doing ministry.

House of Blessings OrphanageWe helped double the size of the orphanage in 2018, so that 40 children are now served. The kids are either orphaned with no family, or they are children whose families are so destitute that they cannot care for them.  Loving house parents provide care, love, and a warm Christian family environment.  Through a partnership with Children of Promise, the costs of housing, clothing, nutrition, education, and Christian nurture are covered.

We have taken three trips to the orphanage, where we connected with these precious children.  We hope to go again in the future when safety issues in this country settle.

Lakota Reservation, Allen, South Dakota

Kim and Tim Wardell, our missionaries in the Pine Ridge Reservation, are serving the Lakota people in wonderful ways.  This are of our country struggles desperately with poverty, suicide, and substance abuse.  At the same time, there is so much beauty in the people and the culture.  We are excited about building friendships with Tim and Kim, and the Lakota people.

We have a trip planned for June 19-28, 2020.  The main focus of this trip is to connect with the people and make some friends among them.  We will do work projects in their homes, as well as VBS and teen programs.  If you are interested in knowing more about this impact trip, email [email protected]

Christians Broadcasting Hope

Christians Broadcasting Hope serves on behalf of the Church of God, partnering with indigenous ministry centers to produce evangelistic programming around the world in an effort to expand and nurture the Kingdom of God through the use of radio, Internet broadcasts and other mass media tools.