We made it super easy to join us online every Sunday. We go live at 9:30 and 11:00am! First Church is resuming in-person services June 21st at all campuses.


Do you feel disoriented, as through you've been wandering through life? These last months have felt like a wilderness of many varieties. Socially, emotionally, spiritually. In June and July at First Church, together, we'll discover God in the wilderness of life-- when nothing seems to go as you have thought and planned.

June 14th
• Read Exodus 1:1-2:10
• In what ways can you relate with the hardships of the Hebrew people?
• What do you have in common with the Egyptians in this story?
• Consider how this ancient story addresses these present day issues:
  • slavery
  • human trafficking
  • abortion
  • racism
  • injustice
• When have you responded to injustice with indifference?
Consider specific ways these persons inspire you:
  • Shiphrah and Puah (the midwives)
  • The family of baby Moses
  • Pharaoh’s daughter
• What do you sense God is calling you to do?
June 21st

• Read Exodus 2:10-15
How might the parents of Moses have tried to prepare him for the move from his Hebrew home to life in the palace?
• After living a privileged life in the palace, why do you think Moses still considered the Hebrews “his people”?
• What two things bothered Moses when he went out to his people?
• When do you think Moses first felt called to end the oppression of his people?
• Did Moses follow his plan or God’s plan for freeing the oppressed?
• Notice where Moses is looking. Where should he have been looking?
• What are the negative results of Moses doing things his own way instead of God’s way?
• What lessons do you imagine Moses learned as he traveled through the wilderness?
• What lessons have you learned as you have spend time in the wilderness?

June 28th

• Read Exodus 2:15-3:15
• What was Moses doing with his life?
• How did God get the attention of Moses?
• What action did Moses take?
• What action on Moses part led to God calling to Moses?
• How did Moses respond to God calling his name?
• What has God done to get your attention?
• What must you “turn aside” from to respond to Gods call?
• What instruction did God give to Moses?
• How did Moses respond to being in the presence of God?
• Describe how you approach worship and Gods presence.
• What assignment does God give to Moses?
• How does Moses respond to Gods plan?
• What reassurance does God give Moses?
• When have you sensed God calling you to do something?
• How do you relate to the reply of Moses, “who am I?”
• What keeps you from hearing and/or obeying his call?
• How does the story of Moses inspire you today?

July 5th

• Read Exodus 4:1-20
• What reasons does Moses give as to why God should choose someone else?
• What is Gods response to the objections of Moses?
• What question does God ask Moses? (4:2)
• What is Moses to do with his staff? (4:3)
• And then what action? (4:4)
• What gifts, abilities, passions, experiences are in your hands?
• Is God calling you to thrown anything down?
• Or pick anything up?
• What changes about the staff? (4:20)


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