Middle School @ The Well

Get Involved with Middle School Ministry

In MSM at the Well we do three things together: Gather, Grow and Go.


We believe life is better connected. We want to be a church together.

We meet Wednesday Nights from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at the St. Joseph Campus


We think circles are better than rows! That's why, on Wednesday Nights, everyone who comes gets plugged in with a DGroup.

A DGroup is a small group of students led by one of our caring leaders. It's a place to know and be known. We talk about all the important things: family, friends, school, how much you love your dog, what you're watching on Netflix... and most importantly how God shows up in your life.


Church is not a building. We believe you do not keep Jesus in these four walls, you take Him wherever you go.

We take part in service projects, challenges and trips throughout the year. Keep your eyes on our Calendar of Events to see what's going on throughout the year.

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