Tech Talk

Sunday, October 20th, 6:00–8:00pm

Sunday, October 20th


Saint Joseph Campus, Student Center

It’s almost hard to remember a day when we didn't have smartphones. They've completely changed the way we live.  But how do they affect our kids? And how can we help our kids handle the responsibility of the internet? On October 20th the First Church Family Ministry team is hosting "Tech Talk" where we’ll give you best practices on how to handle technology with your kids in an age-appropriate way from a faith-based perspective. We'll also discuss the apps and websites to be on the watch for, give you resources to help set appropriate boundaries, and give you the confidence to help your teen navigate technology in our modern culture. This event will focus on 5th-7th grade tweens, but we will have some resources available for all ages, from birth through 18.

Let us know you're coming or if you have questions.