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Christmas Sweater Sunday

Join me for Christmas sweater Sunday--the time to shop is now!Happening December 13th online or in person, share your pictures to #christmasatfirstchurch with the chance to win a huge basket of Cheryl's Christmas cookies!

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Wonderland Gifts

Give the gift of giving to families in our community this Christmas by generously supporting Wonderland Gifts this season.Purchasing gift cards or making a cash donation will keep you safe, and allow parents to select the gift that best suits their child.Donations can be dropped off now thru December 20th.

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New Sermon Series: WaitListed

A series on Doubts & Questions
Waiting is inevitable. It could mean that the stadium is at capacity, there aren’t enough tables at your favorite restaurant on your birthday, the pair of shoes you really wanted is out of stock. Or, it could be more serious things like waiting for test results or waiting on help while making a big decision. Abraham and Sarah. Paul and Silas. Saul and David. David and Goliath. Their stories all have something to teach each of us about what is happening during the season of being “waitlisted”. God has a plan, but we might have to wait for it. And, while we’re waiting, God is faithful, listening, and hopes you don’t give up-- because God doesn’t give up on you.

Child Dedications Happening Today!

Happening today at the Saint Joseph Campus and next week at the Stevensville and Benton Heights Campus. If you'd like to participate next weekend, reach out to Pastor Bill Shepard at Bill. [email protected]