Week Two

Sunday, December 8th

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Read Luke 1:26-38

How did God choose to speak to Mary? (Verse 26–27)

What are other ways God communicates his will to people?

When have you heard God speak to you?

Mary gets amazing news. (Verse 31–33)  

How does she respond? (Verse 29,34) Think of times you have responded in similar ways to God.

Say Verse 37 out loud a few times. Do you believe this is true?

How have you seen the truth of Verse 37 in your life?

How would your life change if you chose to respond as Mary did in Verse 38?

What's Happening at First Church?

Day of Prayer

Saturday, December 14th

Day of Prayer is a unique opportunity during the Christ’s Birthday Observance for the Church of God worldwide to join together in a 25-day prayer vigil. Our church will be joining with Indiana, Texas, Mexico, Rwanda, Italy, and Egypt on December 14th for a day of prayer. Sign up for a prayer time slot and download or pick up a prayer guide online or at the InfoHub.

Family Fun Day: Frozen 2

Saturday, December 14th @ 11:30am

Celebration Cinema in Benton Harbor

Two price packages available: $3.00 per person for just a movie ticket. $8.00 per person for a movie ticket, popcorn and a pop. Get your tickets early. Seats are limited to the first 196 people.

Candlelit Christmas Eve Service

Tuesday, December 25th

All Campuses

Invite your friends and family to celebrate Christmas Eve with a one-hour candlelight service. All are welcome. For all things Christmas, visit myfirstchurch.com/christmaseve.