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March 22nd

• Read Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of
life and death”
• Who has spoken hurtful words to you?
• What did they say, and what was the impact on you?
• Who has spoken powerful life giving words to you?
• What did they say, and how did their words impact
• Consider your own self talk, is it life giving?
• How can declarations impact your life?

March 29th

• Read Matthew 11:28-30
• Consider the first 3 words.
• Do you see this as an invitation or a command?
• Imagine Jesus speaking these words to you. How do you “come to Jesus”?
• How have recent circumstances affected your labor or load?
• What promise does Jesus give?
• Describe what rest for your soul looks like.
• What is the Lord saying to you through this teaching?

April 5th

• Read Matthew 21:1-11
• Where did Jesus send two disciples, and for what purpose? (vs. 1-2)
• Where is Jesus sending you, and for what purpose?
• What are the two verbs accomplished by the disciples in verse 6?
• What is Jesus telling you to GO and DO?
• What did the disciples do to make Jesus more visible? (vs.8)
• What will you do to make Jesus more visible?
• What did the crowds proclaim? (v.9)
• Why might people seek a Savior now more than ever?
• What happened in verse 10?
• What question was everyone asking? (v.10)
• How can you live in a way that it causes people to wonder about Jesus?
• What specific steps will you take to represent Jesus in our community?

April 12th

April 19th

• Read Acts 16:16-34
• How can you relate to the sufferings of Paul and Silas?
• Why would God allow Paul and Silas to go through so much pain?
• When have you asked God the “WHY” question?
• What in your life feels like a prison?  What chains have you bound?
• What two things did Paul and Silas do while in prison? (vs.25)
• What is so important about praying and praising?
• What part did prayer and praise play in their jail break?
• Will you make this declaration, “I WILL WORSHIP”?
• Give a specific description to that declaration (action steps)

April 26th

• What does it mean to “trust in the Lord with all your heart?”
• Do you struggle with trust?
• Do you think God is trustworthy? Why or why not?
• Why do you think God allows the storms in our lives?
• Do you ever feel like God doesn’t care? Why?
• Have you experienced the peace of Christ? If not, would you like to?


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Where are you located?

This weekend’s service will be held online. However, First Church is one church made of three campuses serving the Saint Joseph, Stevensville and Benton Heights areas. We hope you are able to come visit us in person soon!

• Saint Joseph Campus: 2627 Niles Avenue, Saint Joseph, MI 49085

• Stevensville Campus: 5767 Red Arrow Highway, Stevensville, MI 49127

• Benton Heights Campus: 990 North Euclid, Benton Harbor, MI 49022

What time is service?

We livestream our services every Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00am.

How do I tune in or watch live?

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