We provide a safe, caring and developmentally appropriate environment to children 3 years old -Pre K


Registration for Fall 22-23 preschool begins March 16th, 2022. If you have questions prior to this date, please email Preschool Director Jessica Bigley at Preschool@myfirstchurch.com.


First Church of God Preschool is excited to welcome all returning and new students for the Fall 2022 school year. 

We have developed the health and safety protocols necessary to ensure that our children, their families, and our staff are as safe as possible.  We have implemented a COVID-19 preparedness and Response Plan consistent with the guidelines provided by LARA (the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) and the Michigan Departments of Education, Health and Human Services and other health care professionals and experts.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Jessica Bigley, Director.

If interested in learning more, please contact Preschool Director Jessica Bigley.

email: preschool@myfirstchurch.com 



Our Facility at First Church of God Preschool is a self-supporting, non-profit program. Our preschool is an institution that welcomes families of all faiths. Creeds, and ethnic origins and affirms the positive values of diversity. Our mission and purpose is to establish a climate of acceptance, love, trust and discipline, with programs and enrichment where young children will experience growth.


We provide a safe and caring environment that is developmentally appropriate and embraces the 4 building blocks of child development:

  1. Social/Emotional
  2. Self-care, Physical Well-being & Motor skills
  3. Language Development
  4. Early Academics


We are a fully licensed preschool through the State of Michigan Department of Human Services.

The ministry at First Church of God Preschool is based on the understanding that children pass through a number of predictable, orderly stages in their growing process. We have designed and utilized programs which are developmentally appropriate for children at varying stages of growth in:

  • Feelings of confidence and self worth
  • Relating to his/her peers in a positive way
  • Learning positive ways to handle frustration
  • Achieving physical skills
  • Expanding desire to learn and discover
  • Developing spiritual awareness of God and His creation


Morning class: 8:45am-11:30am
Afternoon Class: 12:30pm-3:15pm

2-Day Program: $150/month
3-Day Program: $185/month
5-Day Program: $335/month

Registration Fee: $75 Non-refundable

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If you have any questions about preschool or want to contact the preschool office, you can email preschool@myfirstchurch.com or call Jessica Bigley at 269-983-1816.


Jessica Bigley – Preschool Director

All classes include activities such as circle time, free play, story time, snack, show-n-tell, small and large group learning and gym time. Our classes are visited by many traveling field trips that enhance our curriculum.


3-Year-Old Program

Most of the children enrolled in our classes are experiencing a classroom setting for the first time. For others, this may be their first experience with a large group of children. Therefore, our purpose in this class is to provide the children with an environment in which they will learn basic social skills such as sharing, cooperation, self control and patience. We also concentrate on colors, shapes, counting and name recognition. This is accomplished through creative play, art, music, movement, exploration, and literacy. Basic academic concepts are introduced during circle time, large and small group activities, story time, and snack time. Our purpose is to make their first experience in a classroom as exciting and stimulating as possible. Parents and families are encouraged to become engaged and active participants in their child’s first schooling experience. Your child must be age 3 by December 31st to attend this program.

When do we meet?
M-W-F am (3 day)
M-W-F pm (3 day)
T-TH am (2 day)
T-TH pm (2 day)


4-Year-Old Program

This class will provide a loving and caring atmosphere where “Learning is fun”. Classroom activities are planned to help develop self-esteem, self-control, creativity, social skills, and early academics. We work on fine motor skills through drawing, cutting, writing our name and creating art. At this age children learn best by moving large muscles. Large motor skills are developed through games, group activities and music with movement. Early literacy is a critical component for the 4 year old. Students will be provided opportunities to be read to using big books and picture books, read on their own, and practice beginning spelling and phonics skills. Children also become authors and illustrators as they create several “books” throughout the year. Through this process they begin to understand that letters and sounds make words which give meaning and tell stories. Other skills include calendar, color and shape identification, numbers 1-10, and beginning letter and sound identification. This is done through counting, sorting, exploration, and hands on center-based activities. Your child is recommended to be age 4 by December 31st to attend this program.

When do we meet?
M-W-F am (3 day)
M-W-F pm (3 day)
T-TH am (2 day)
M-F am (5 day)

Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K program uses a nurturing and caring environment to help prepare the children for Kindergarten. We believe that children learn best through a variety of play opportunities and that their social learning is equally as vital as their academic learning. We work on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, counting, introduction of writing numbers and letters correctly, writing their name with control, taking turns, sharing, following directions, and formal letter/sound instruction using “Zoo-Phonics”. We also have a community enrichment program that provides our children with a basic understanding of our community and the important roles that our local community workers and businesses play in helping us. This includes visits from the police and fire departments, nature centers, dentists, Native Americans, and many others. We are committed to ensuring that each child is encouraged, supported, and empowered to reach their full social and academic potential, so they can say with confidence, “I am ready for Kindergarten!” Your child must be age 4 by September 1st to attend this program.

When do we meet?
M-F am (5 day)
M-F pm (5 day)
M-W-F am (3 day)
M-W-F pm (3 day)
T-TH am (2 day)
T-TH pm (2 day)