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David Colp

Lead Pastor

Chris Spitters

Stevensville Campus Pastor

Jaime Cervantes

Benton Heights Campus Pastor

Greg Gordon

Executive Administrator

Crystal Colp

Adult Discipleship Pastor

Jessica Bigley

Guest Experience Director

Melissa Molloy

Executive Administrator Assistant

Sue Jennings


Bob Confer

Older Adults and Caring Ministry Pastor

Adam Rentas

Student Ministries Pastor

Alex Weeks

Associate Student Ministries Pastor

Bill Shepard

Children and Families Pastor

Tracey Harlan

Associate Children's Pastor

Renee Pigman

Benton Heights Children's Ministry

Chris Britton

Executive Director of New Heights CCDA

Jenny Fry

Community Outreach Coordinator

Dawn Corzine

Outreach Assistant

Kate Ott

Communications Director

Ali Schrubba

Print and Digital Communications Coordinator

Chad Harlan

Worship and Assimilation Pastor

Jake Seaton

Stevensville Campus Worship and Technology Pastor

MaKayla Favela

Worship Assistant

Angie Youngstedt

Parish Nurse

Jen Steinbraker

Afternoon Receptionist

Lisa Linabury

Morning Receptionist

Dave Barricklow

Facility Manager

Drew Welham


Ron Kylmala