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Executive Staff

David Colp

Lead Pastor

Jim Stanley

Executive Pastor of Ministries

Bill Shepard

Executive Pastor of Operations

First Church Advisory Council

Kristi Key

Advisory Council President

David Colp

Lead Pastor

Bill Shepard

Executive Pastor of Operations

Chloe Long

Advisory Council Member

Don Blackmond

Advisory Council Member

Jeremy Triemstra

Advisory Council Member

Kathy Craig

Advisory Council Member

Sandy Mason

Advisory Council Member

Tanya Sobaski

Advisory Council Member

Tim Vriezema

Advisory Council Member

Kylie McCollum

Advisory Council Member

Pastoral Staff

Jaime Cervantes

Benton Heights Campus Pastor

Chris Spitters

Stevensville Campus Pastor

Brian Fee

Eau Claire Campus Pastor

Crystal Colp

Adult Discipleship Pastor

Chad Harlan

Worship Pastor

Tracey Harlan

Children's Pastor

Adam Rentas

Student Ministries Pastor

Jake Seaton

Online Campus Pastor

Chance Adams

Student Ministries Resident

Javon Lue

Associate Student Ministries Pastor

Jeff Stackman

Eau Claire Student Ministries Pastor

Ministry Directors

Lesley Pastrick

Guest Experience Director

Melissa Molloy

Communications Director

Rachel Green

Benton Heights Campus Worship Director

Lindsey Johnson

Stevensville Campus Worship Director

Dolly Baird

Stevensville Children's Ministry Director

Ashley Wisdom

Benton Heights Children's Ministry Director

Angela Fee

Eau Claire Campus Worship Director

Support Staff

Jenny Fry

Care & Outreach Coordinator

Jessica Bigley

Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor

Monica Jungblut


Shelley Moyer

Executive Operations Assistant

Rachel White

Administrative Assistant & Receptionist

Marsha Kujawski

Administrative Assistant - Discipleship & Worship

Facilities Team

Joe Follett

Facilities Managers

Drew Welham


Dave Barricklow


Yulanda Hall


Dillon Peters


New Heights CCDA + Preschool @ First Church

Jessica Bigley

Preschool Director

Chris Britton

Executive Director of New Heights CCDA